12th ACHL Digital


Crisis to Care’ – Genuine Collaboration and Joint Initiatives

As I am sure you will agree, we will be making this year’s  12th Air Cargo Handling & Logistics (ACHL) a digital event.  Our aim is to demonstrate the strength and success of ACHL to our delegates in this way, but please be assured that we remain firmly committed to the established and popular ACHL Conference format and we will all get together again next year,  hopefully in Vienna.

With our ACHL digital alternative to the usual conference, we are demonstrating that there has never been a more important time for the industry to come together, drive recovery and ensure the future growth of the air cargo world.

We have more than 30 eminent speakers lined up from across the sector to share their knowledge and experience through these difficult times.  ACHL will continue to provide great opportunities to engage in conversations and share views that are critical to the air cargo community. Be sure that you join an influential audience of air cargo development professionals and obtain a real advantage from watching each session.

All sessions are available to view here:

Date: 22nd - 24th Sep 2020
Time: 12am UTC