Thai Airways bolsters growth as it continues its partnership with CHAMP’s Traxon cargoHUB

Thai Airways has renewed its contract with CHAMP’s Traxon cargoHUB, strengthening a partnership that is supporting its operational growth.

Aligned with Thai Airways’ high standard of service, Traxon cargoHUB improves its supply chain quality and completeness whilst remaining up-to-date with the latest industry requirements.

Thai Airways benefits from being part of the largest air cargo community, with digital access to more than 4,000 freight forwarders and stakeholders throughout the supply chain, enabling collaboration with all community players via a single system regardless of data format or protocol.

“Continuing the partnership between Traxon cargoHUB with Thai Airways has allowed us to continue to streamline our processes and bolster our growth,” says Mr. Chirachet Chanawiset, Head , Cargo & Mail Commercial at Thai Airways.

“With CHAMP’s solutions supporting us, we can offer an effective, efficient and reliable data exchange.

“As we continue our partnership, we look forward to seeing more of these benefits in our daily operations as the company continues to grow and evolve.”

“It is wonderful to renew CHAMP’s ties with Thai Airways,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, Chief Commercial Officer at CHAMP Cargosystems.

“Our swift and highly secure service continues to support Thai Airways as it continues its growth.”