Cargo Handling

Alha Group takes over all cargo warehouse activities in Verona

Italian cargo handler the Alha Group took over all airport cargo warehouse activities in Verona Valerio Catullo Airport from current service provider Verona Cargo on 3 May.

The move is a “significant step forward in the group’s development”, according to Alha chief executive officer, Lorenzo Schettini.

He added: “In addition to be a strategic asset of our organization, our network is also an added value from a commercial point of view for our customers. For this reason, we are opening new stations and we are currently focusing on the Italian North-East.

“Online activities in the new Verona cargo terminal will further improve our network, providing a strategically positioned platform for off-line distribution”.

Alha Group activities are grown in recent past with ramp services: “We are driving this growth by focusing in service integration and process standardization,” Schettini added.

“According to our Customers’ feedback, and parallel to their positive business results, they are experiencing more and more efficient connections and seamless processes: it is our commitment to improve and increase our network so that we, as service providers, can guarantee our maximum support both to the airlines and to the forwarding agents and help them achieving profitable results where the market demand is.”