Turkish Cargo obtains AEO certification

Turkish Cargo has obtained the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate issued to enable the companies to engage in trade operations more rapidly and reliably internationally.

The carrier has become the first in Turkey to gain the certificate and it says it is important as it “ensures rapid and reliable deliveries in the global trade chain”.

Turkish Cargo said AEO certificate will bring many advantages such as gaining a substantial advantage for its reliable brand image, and be preferred by the international companies; rapid shipment in the countries covered under the agreement; and increase its competitive power thanks to the rapid shipment advantage while reducing its costs.

Achieving time and cost saving and enhancing its operational capabilities with the AEO certificate, Turkish Cargo said it “keeps supporting the importers – exporters through its tailored and practical solutions for the logistic requests, and maintains its initiatives aiming to achieve the targets set for 2023 by developing the regional trade operations”.