Zhengzhou Airport’s North Cargo Area Starts Trial Operation

The making of an Aerotropolis – China’s Zhengzhou Airport

Zhengzhou airport’s north cargo area, part of the expansion project of the third phase of Zhengzhou airport, commenced trial operation.

On the same day, flights run by Cathay Pacific Airways, Hainan Airlines and Russian Volga-Dnepr Airlines arrived and completed their freight tasks there.

The first operation at Zhengzhou airport’s north cargo area was transporting a roughly 10-meter-long non-removable industrial equipment, which was uploaded into a 747-800 all-cargo aircraft of Cathay Pacific Airways after the products had been unloaded.

The jet departed Zhengzhou for other nations across the world through Hong Kong at 2:36 with 107 tonnes of electrical goods, apparel, moulds, vaccines, caviar, etc.

The north cargo area at Zhengzhou airport is 160 thousand square metres in size and cost a total of 4.8 billion yuan to construct.

It includes 70 thousand square metres of warehouses with a planned annual cargo freight capacity of 600 thousand tonnes.

Additionally, 16 cargo flight platforms, 3,000 square metres of cold-chain product centres, and 4,500 square metres of inspection zones for fresh fruit and edible aquatic creatures have all been constructed.

With 25 cargo flight stands and a 1.10 million tonne annual cargo freight capacity, the freight depot at Zhengzhou Airport has so far spanned an area of 198 thousand square metres, providing the groundwork for the development of Zhengzhou into an international air freight centre.