Wisskirchen plumps for ECHOS in Cologne

Wisskirchen Handling Services will be using topsystem’s Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System (ECHOS) from June 2018.

Once it goes into operation at the cargo centre of Cologne/Bonn Airport, the modular web-based system for air freight handling will give the handler a wider range of options for enhancing efficiency in all work processes.

Wisskirchen and its around 600 employees handle over 500,000 tonnes of air freight each year. At the multifunctional cargo centre of Cologne/Bonn Airport, Wisskirchen combines the functions of an air freight handling terminal and forwarding hub under one roof.

From June, the company said it will start using the ECHOS in a “bid to optimise its processes”.

ECHOS supports all stages of the air freight handling workflow and reliably covers the entire chain of processes between airside and landside and back.

This includes the management of inbound and outbound cargo, with all information sent in real time to the right place for further processing.

In addition, document handling staff are immediately notified in the event of discrepancies in subsequent handling stages, enabling them to take swift action.

Employees are able to monitor and manage stock movement within the cargo processing area on mobile devices, while also going through checklists for the handling of hazardous goods.

The cargo handler will also be using mECHOS, the system’s mobile app, at the cargo centre in Cologne. The app guides employees every step of the way, providing instructions on what to do next, storage locations, build-up and other tasks to be performed.

Wisskirchen managing director, Oliver Hellwig said: “Wisskirchen opted for ECHOS in a bid to improve client connectivity, make our quality more measurable and verifiable, and enhance efficiency through increasing automation and eliminating the use of paper.”

Wisskirchen is planning to deploy the software at additional sites and hubs in Germany.