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Wiremind’s SKYPALLET 2.0 to launch this summer

Nathanaël de Tarade, Wiremind Cargo CEO

Beta-testing of SKYPALLET 2.0 is well underway and Wiremind is on track to launch the significantly improved version of its flagship product this summer.

Leveraging years of feedback from multiple leading airlines, SKYPALLET 2.0 will bring a more intuitive interface, greater processing speeds, and workflow automation thanks to SKYPALLET’s integration in CARGOSTACK.

SKYPALLET was the first commercial software to offer air cargo-specific 3D visualisation and optimization of pallet and container loads, addressing some of the industry’s most limiting pain points.

With the original goal of empowering commercial teams with the operational know-how to quote shipments more efficiently, SKYPALLET has advanced significantly today to support full flight optimizations for over 25 customers.

Nathanaël de Tarade, Wiremind Cargo CEO says: “Various improvements to SKYPALLET over the years means it is now used at multiple touchpoints and processes in the air cargo lifecycle by our customers.

“While SKYPALLET has already been integrated to customer systems through its API, it has remained a stateless application relying on external systems to provide shipment and capacity inputs per calculation.

“By incorporating it into CARGOSTACK as part of our version 2.0, we now have the architecture to retrieve and hold all the relevant inputs consumed by the palletization algorithm, through what we call a stateful or deep integration with a customer’s core reservation system.

“This enables different automated workflows such as running SKYPALLET autonomously in the background using the booking, flight and aircraft data to recommend outputs back to the airline system such as the remaining available volume, suggest offloads and significantly automate the flight release process.

“We are also excited because SKYPALLET 2.0 is unlocking a number of new use cases which we are actively exploring with early adopter customers.

“This includes a new module to manage end-to-end special loads processes, its use in-warehouse for build planning and execution, and aircraft weight & balance capabilities.”