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When the chips are down, call Chapman Freeborn and Expeditors

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering and Expeditors International have teamed up to deliver a potato chip manufacturing plant from Australia to Iraq for a franchise of PepsiCo International.

On behalf of Expeditors, Chapman Freeborn’s UAE team arranged a combination of Boeing 777F and B747F charters to transport outsize machinery from Brisbane to Sulaymaniyah.

PepsiCo awarded the entire logistics contract to Expeditors including pickup and clearance, loading and offloading, and final delivery to the consignee.

Expeditors director of air cargo, Sudesh K. Bhagat said: “As with any large time-sensitive project, we had to be nimble and react to the inevitable changes that come with such a move. When serving a global giant like PepsiCo the utmost attention to detail is paramount for Expeditors International.

“Our trusted global charter partner Chapman Freeborn understood and shared this responsibility and shone in this regard. We are very pleased that our cooperation led to successful completion of this project and a gratified customer.”

Chapman Freeborn Dubai’s commercial manager for cargo, Vikas Chaturvedi said: “The entire shipment was originally being quoted on larger aircraft by carriers and other brokers alike.

“However, with carefully planning, packing and coordination with different airlines, we managed to find a more economical solution for transporting the units using a combination of B777F and B747F flights which resulted in a vast saving in overall costing for the end client.”

Charter manager for cargo, Denis Morozov added: “It took over three weeks for Chapman Freeborn and Expeditors to coordinate with the different airlines, logistics agents, airport authorities and ground handling companies to execute this project.

“We are glad that we could fulfil our commitment of delivering the entire shipment to its final location on schedule.”