Wexco to represent DHL Aviation in Australia and New Zealand

Wexco Group and Wexco New Zealand, subsidiaries of ECS Group, are partnering with DHL Aviation to provide GSSA services in Australia and New Zealand from this December.

From 1 December, all DHL Aviation air cargo sales activities from Australia and New Zealand will be managed by Wexco Group and Wexco NZ. The four-year GSSA contracts were concluded at the end of September.

Since then, both companies have been preparing the smooth transition of sales operations for a total of 45 weekly flights – 26 flights from Australia and 19 flights from New Zealand.

Richard Valenzuela, general manager of Wexco, said: “The wide variety of perishable commodities alongside regular horse shipments make DHL Aviation a particularly interesting airline partner, and we are therefore all the more delighted to enter into this partnership.

“With 550 tons of capacity to be filled each week, often with shipments requiring meticulous planning and expertise, our Wexco teams are able to demonstrate what they do best while playing a key part in DHL Aviation’s regional and international success.”

DHL Aviation connects to many international destinations out of Australia and New Zealand, including Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bahrain, the US and various European locations. Its Australian flight schedule offers a Melbourne to Singapore connection five times a week, Sydney to Singapore operation seven times a week and Melbourne to Auckland, and from there to Christchurch five times a week.

It also connects Sydney to Auckland and from there to Christchurch, six times a week. The weekly uplift consists of meat, chilled salmon and other perishable produce to Asia, whilst exports to New Zealand include general cargo, e-commerce, regular horse movements, and perishables.

Out of New Zealand, DHL flies from Christchurch via Auckland to Sydney six times a week, and Christchurch to Auckland, and then to Melbourne five times a week, connecting with intra-Australian road feeder services where necessary. Main commodities include fish, dairy, general cargo and horses to Australia, and meat, fruit, and seafood to destinations in Asia.

Nathan Vellasamy, DHL Aviation’s vice president of air capacity sales for the Asia Pacific region, said: “DHL operates a fleet of more than 20 Asia Pacific dedicated aircraft and is committed to ensuring reliable and efficient service performance, in particular when it comes to supporting trans-Tasman trade.

“We have invested heavily in Oceania over the past five years and partnering with equally driven partners is essential to the success of our challenging growth strategy. Wexco has a proven track-record as a highly professional, digitally advanced and unique GSSA and, as part of ECS Group, is another solid link in our well-functioning international partnership.”

He added: “We look forward to an excellent 2024 and beyond.”

ECS Group now represents DHL in more than 20 countries across the globe.

Image credit: @JarekKilian/Adobe Stock