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WCA Time Critical Network achieves complete validation of all members

WCA’s Time Critical Network has achieved complete validation of all its network members, which it says “aligns companies to be even more competitive as specialist movers on the global stage”.

WCA Time Critical general manager, Adam McKenna said it is huge for WCA and its members.

He added: “It took hard work and determination from our members to reach this point, and in order to keep this status, all future members will undergo a comprehensive validation exam as part as their application process.”

Validation will now allow the Group to compete on new international levels being that members now surpass current industry standards in the sector.

The Group’s global partners are now able to fully validate trade lanes; they also have the knowledge to help ensure that shipments are handled with maximum efficiency and within the required time frames.

Complete validation was something the Group wanted to achieve. According to McKenna, members were excited to participate in 100 per cent validation as they knew it would help them gain new business.

“Working together will enable the WCA Time Critical members to collaborate on a totally new level,” said McKenna. “And that is something the members expressed was vital to their future success.”