Cargo Handling

VRR’s foldable and stackable cargo container is certified and ready to fly

The world’s first collapsible AAX has just been certified by EASA. Developer VRR can now bring its ingenious product to the air cargo market, and it is eagerly awaiting the first placement of orders.

“We’re very excited that we can officially launch the AAXc,” says Ben Lakerveld, Sales Manager of VRR.

“Now our customers can start enjoying the many real benefits of this container in their day-to-day operations.”

The collapsible AAX, which has the same shape, capacity and durability as the standard AAX, was designed in response to the world’s imbalance in ULDs.

However, its ability to fold and stack up to three high on a main deck and up to four high on a lower deck is a boon for companies looking to cut their CO2 emissions.

“The AAXc can cut the space that empty containers take up on a main deck by two-thirds,” explains Lakerveld.

“If you’re a ULD manager looking to significantly reduce your carbon footprint, this is the solution. Now you can fly three or four empty containers for the price of one, create more space for full containers, and hit your emissions target.”

World’s First Collapsible AAX Now Available to Buy

Those concerned that a collapsible container may be difficult to operate or integrate into existing fleets can rest assured.

It takes just two people, one minute and no tools to erect or collapse.

VRR kept ground handlers in mind when designing the AAXc. Even the moving parts are simple to maintain and replace.

As for aircraft compatibility, it is the same as the regular version.

You can learn more about this innovative container and the benefits that it can offer your business at