Volga-Dnepr denies it is facing criminal case for falsifying airworthiness certificates

The Volga-Dnepr Group says media reports alleging a criminal case had been initiated against its AMTES arm for falsifying airworthiness certificates for Antonov An-124-100 aircraft “is not true”.

Volga-Dnepr said in a statement on their website: “Volga-Dnepr Group officially declares that information regarding the initiation of a criminal case against Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH (AMTES GmbH, a Volga-Dnepr Group company) in relation to the falsification of Airworthiness Certificates issued for An-124-100 aircraft registered by the Russian Federation, is not true.

“AMTES and its management have not received any official notifications of a criminal case nor any enquiries or investigations from the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine or other countries of the Group’s presence. There is no official information regarding the subject matter, scope or participants of the supposed investigation.

“All documents confirming the airworthiness of the An-124-100 aircraft were issued by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation and are fully compliant with international law.

“The Group’s Legal Department is now analyzing the situation. Should AMTES GmbH receive any official confirmation of a criminal prosecution, the Group will take all necessary legal measures to protect its interests and goodwill.”

The media report on Aerotime making the claims can be found here.