Virgin Atlantic Cargo appoints Suzy Wardle to new senior digital role

Virgin Atlantic Cargo has appointed Suzy Wardle to a newly created role as head of digital and distribution.

She will be responsible for delivering the airline’s far-reaching digitisation programme which will allow customers to interact in new and innovative ways, enable greater partnership integration and drive simplification throughout the business.

Wardle joined the team on 24 September and is based at Virgin Atlantic’s VHQ near London Gatwick Airport.

She has held a number of digital roles at Virgin Atlantic over the last five years, most recently as chief product owner across all passenger-facing digital channels.

This included responsibility for revenue, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and largescale digital transformation projects, including the integration of a new passenger service system.

With over 15 years of experience in marketing and e-commerce, she previously held senior roles with companies in the travel and luxury hotel marketing sectors.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo managing director, Dominic Kennedy said: “Suzy is joining us at a very exciting time for our growing cargo business. As we continue to give our customers more choice than ever before, our priorities are focused on being easier to do business with, embracing digitisation using new technologies, and leveraging our partnerships to drive benefits for our customers.

“As we modernise, there is a clear linkage between simplicity and digitisation and our goal of enabling customers to interact with us in a different way, such as through the development of a self-service platform.

“Ultimately, we want our customers to have the option of being able to do everything they do today through telephone and email via a digital platform, so we are delighted to welcome Suzy to our cargo team to lead us into this exciting new era.”