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va-Q-tec unveils “Thermal Coat” at Air Cargo India 2024

The introduction of va-Q-tec latest product, “Thermal Coat”, was announced at Air Cargo India 2024, which took place at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai.

Thermal Coat was unveiled by industry leaders such as Dr. Ravi Prakash Marthur from Dr. Reddys Laboratories and Christopher J. Storch, Global Head of Sales at va-Q-tec, marking a significant advancement in temperature-controlled supply chains for pharmaceutical air and sea freight.

A va-Q-tec statement claimed: “Thermal Coat boasts unique va-Q-gel technology, revolutionizing the transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

“With its unique composition and leak-proof design, it offers unparalleled performance, ensuring the safety and integrity of cargo even in the most challenging conditions.

“In air freight applications, Thermal Coat extends buffer times, enhancing product safety and reliability.

“Plus, its innovative phase-change material eliminates the need for liquid substances, making it lightweight and highly efficient.”

va-Q-tec unveils “Thermal Coat” at Air Cargo India 2024