Cool Chain

United Cargo becomes first US carrier to approve CSafe RAP container

United Cargo has enhanced its TempControl service and expand the options it offers shippers of pharmaceuticals and other life science products by approving the new CSafe RAP active container.

The CSafe RAP utilises innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies, along with advanced ThermoCor VIP insulation, to maintain constant payload temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures spanning from -30°C to +54°C.

The payload of 6.68 m3 accommodates up to four standard US pallets or five standard Euro pallets and has a battery run time of over 120 hours.

United Cargo president, Jan Krems said: “The demand for pharmaceuticals and other health care products grows every year, and customers and patients worldwide are seeking expanded capacity across our TempControl network.

“With the new CSafe RAP container, we can meet this need using the innovative CSafe technology that is proven by years of impeccable performance and trusted by our customers.”

CSafe Global chief executive officer, Jeff Pepperworth said: “The combination of United Cargo’s expansive TempControl network and the superior performance of the CSafe RAP container offers life-science companies a powerful and reliable solution to move temperature-sensitive healthcare products to patients across the globe.”

Many of the same leasing options currently available for the CSafe RKN are available for the new CSafe RAP container. TempControl customers can lease the CSafe RAP container directly from CSafe Global or through United Cargo.