Cargo Handling

ULD Care launches two new tools to improve handling

ULD Care has launched two new tools to help unit load device (ULD) operators improve safety and reduce damage – the Strap App and the Wind Speed Calculator.

The announcement was made by ULD Care at its 2018 annual conference for its. members

ULD Care president, Urs Wiesendanger said: “These two new tools build on our commitment to helping the air cargo industry and align with the principles of our Code of Conduct (pictured below).

“We will be adding these to our list of solutions and promoting them widely to the industry.”

ULD Care vice president, Bob Rogers said: “The Strap App offers users guidance on how to properly secure non-ULD cargo within an aircraft, such as vehicles and equipment

“The Wind Speed calculator allows users to determine whether or not a ULD is at risk of being blown off the ramp during loading and unloading.”

The Code of Conduct was launched by ULD Care at its conference last year and is 10 guiding principles for optimal handling of ULDs.