Turkish Cargo relocates three young giraffes from Jo’burg to Tehran

Turkish Cargo has just relocated three 16-month old giraffes from Johannesburg to Tehran via a connecting flight at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

During the flight, the giraffes were accompanied by their keepers, veterinarians and IATA Live Animals certificated personnel from the Turkish freighter carrier.

In the last month, Turkish Cargo has also relocated 10 lions, seven of which were cubs, from Johannesburg to Pakistan, and 10 giraffes to Bangladesh, and four elephants to the United Arab Emirates, and three monkeys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Ukraine.

The carrier says in its live animal transportation service, it offers its customers storage and shipment processes, and “meticulously” implements the documentation, encaging, labeling and marking guidelines as described under IATA regulations.

Turkish Cargo is also carrying more and more cherries and says it will 600 tonnes of cherries to Norway on its widebody freighters all transported in six hours from farms.

During the cherry season, a total of 600 tonnes of Salihli cherries (Bing Cherry) will be transported to Oslo by 10 dedicated (charter) flights operated by making use of Airbus 330 freighters, which will then be put on the market at more than 1600 groceries throughout Norway.

The cherries have been growing in the cities such as Izmir, Manisa, Isparta, Adana, Konya and Kahramanmaras, which come to the forefront with cherry cultivation.

The harvest period for cherries, which lasts between 20 – 30 days in many countries, continues for three months (June, July, August) in Turkey, which is one of the leaders in cherry production in the world due to its geographical location and climate variety.