Turkish Cargo carries blackberries to international markets

Turkish Cargo has carried the Chester variety of Turkish Blackberry over the last few months to a host of international markets using its vast belly network.

The blackberries were carried on board various passenger aircraft at two degree Celsius in cool chain containers and arrived fresh in Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh and Hong Kong.

Growing in May, June, July and August in and around Batman, the major land for cultivation of blackberry across Turkey. This special variety of blackberry is said to have a special taste rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and aromas with a brix degree of 13.5.

Picked up and packed before sunrise as it is a fragile perishable product which is highly affected from sunlight, blackberries are kept well-preserved in high-standard cold storages of Turkish Cargo without losing heat.

Mehmet Sabit CEYLAN, an exporter, said: “As part of the national development attempts; our mission is to ensure that the products, which can be cultivated in our region, are increased, and that the logistics and industrial infrastructure of them are created, and also that they are introduced to the international market.

“We currently achieve this mission with fresh fruits, frozen fruits, fruit juice concentrate and fruit juices produced by us. Standing out with its nutritional values rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as its meaty structure and high-quality, these blackberries grow in our lands.

“We carry our rare blackberries, containing an intense sugar concentration and 20 shades of red, beyond our borders with Turkish Cargo.

“One of the most important factors to enable us to succeed as a country is the high-quality service offered by Turkish Cargo to make us venture into the international market. The speed and capacity offered by Turkish Cargo is a great opportunity for us, the exporters.”