Turkish Cargo adds freighter routes to Kigali and Muscat

Turkish Cargo has added Airbus A330-200 Freighter routes to Kigali, Rwanda and Muscat, Oman – bringing its total number of direct cargo flights to 85 destinations.

The carrier said Kigali has “important import cargo potential” and is a “serious export destination” especially for Johannesburg, South Africa.

The A330-200F aircraft will be combined with the Entebbe (Uganda) route to create a strong import-export line of Istanbul-Welkom-Entebbe-Istanbul.

Turkish Cargo said a stronger cargo line is scheduled cargo flights to Muscat, which is an “important import market” for the United States, Europe, Far East, and Turkey, by combining with South Asian flights. The A330-200F route will see a rotation of Istanbul-Muscat-Hanoi-Delhi-Istanbul.

Turkish Cargo and its parent Turkish Airlines operate an extensive flight network to 122 countries and more than 300 points around the globe.