Turkish adds Brussels to network and planning to expand further

Turkish Cargo has strengthened its freighter network after adding an Airbus A310 Freighter from Istanbul to Brussels to its network – making it the 85th cargo destination.

The carrier said the once a week route will mainly focus on carrying mainly time and temperature-sensitive shipments such as drugs and other express products.

Turkish Cargo has launched more new routes in 2018, continuing to expand its flight network. The new cargo routes include Taipei (Taiwan), Miami (USA), Toronto (Canada), Zaragoza (Spain), Houston (USA), Bogota (Colombia), Liege (Belgium), Muscat (Oman), Mexico City (Mexico), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Brussels (Belgium).

The carrier is planning on further expanding its cargo network further in the second half of 2018 with the new routes such as Quito (Equator), Karaganda (Kazakhstan), Tokyo (Japan), Navoi (Uzbekistan), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Misurata (Libya).

In Europe, Turkish Cargo has achieved significant growth in the market compared to February 2018 data according to data service provider World Air Cargo Data.

The carrier said in Romania it has a share of more than half of the market, is 1st place among foreign air cargo brands located in Israel, in Austria and Eastern Europe, it is the second place, and it is 3rd in Finland and 4th in Poland.