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TSA announces expansion of Certified Cargo Screening Program for manufacturers and shippers

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced changes to the Certified Cargo Screening Program that will enable more shippers to enter the secure supply chain.

This change was published in the Federal Register.

“The Certified Cargo Screening Program ensures that air cargo moves more quickly and securely through the supply chain,” said TSA Executive Director for Air Cargo John Beckius.

“With this expansion, TSA will partner with interested participants in the cargo supply chain to carry out a TSA-approved security program and adhere to rigorous chain-of-custody requirements.

“This will enable certified program participants to package and ship secure air cargo, while reducing the need for additional screening requirements later in the supply chain.”

On June 30, 2021, TSA mandated that all air cargo originating in the United States and destined for non-U.S. locations be screened or secured before being loaded onto an aircraft to meet international standards and to address potential threats to aviation.

TSA is actively encouraging indirect air carriers, manufacturing facilities, assembly facilities, shippers, warehouses and distribution centers to apply for and become a Certified Cargo Screening Facility.

Becoming a Certified Cargo Screening Facility means they will be certified by TSA to assemble, pack, secure and tender cargo for air transport in a secured manner, where no additional screening will be required.

For more information about the change or to apply, please see the TSA Air Cargo Security Certified Cargo Screening Program Fact Sheet.

image credit: Ontario International Airport