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TrueNoord completes sale of the longest owned aircraft in its portfolio

TrueNoord ATR 72-212F

Specialist regional aircraft lessor TrueNoord, has announced the sale of an ATR 72-212F, MSN 461, to an independently owned aviation trading and distribution company, NTE Aviation, LLC.

Having reached the end of its technical life, the 28-year-old turboprop will be torn down by NTE, who will salvage the engines and spare parts for reuse in the USM market.

Maarten Grift, TrueNoord, Sales Manager – Africa, Middle East and CIS, explains that the sales process was very smooth. “Due to an existing relationship with NTE, this transaction was closed in a matter of weeks.

“We would like to thank NTE’s highly experienced and knowledgeable team and look forward to working with them again on future opportunities.”

TrueNoord was very happy with the ATR freighter’s performance throughout the ownership period and would be pleased to invest in further regional freighters in the future, should the right asset be available.

Grift adds, “This aircraft is a great example of how lessors support the circular economy by reusing aircraft and ultimately recycling their parts.

“During its lifespan, this asset was moved from one airline to another many times and will now support the ongoing operation of other ATR 72s through being parted out.”

Stephen Spillane, Technical Manager at TrueNoord concludes, “With NTE’s combined experience and the collaborative effort of our teams, reviewing and closing the technical due diligence was streamlined and efficient.

“It was a pleasure to work with NTE’s entire team. Additional thanks also goes to the aircraft’s previous lessee, Amelia International, and to ATR-Maintenance for their crucial support in this endeavour.”