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Swissport Continues Support for Earthquake Victims

Swissport teams up with international aid organizations and its airline customer Turkish Airlines to provide air cargo logistics in a continuous effort to support the victims of the February earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Swissport is providing ongoing support to the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Turkiye and Syria in February.

While the initial response to the disaster has helped many, Swissport recognizes that sustained action over a longer period is required to address the long-term impact of such catastrophes.

At several of its locations around the world, including the Netherlands, Belgium, the US, and Kenya, Swissport, the global market leader in Airport Ground Services and Air Cargo Handling, has teamed up with recognized aid organizations and its airline customer Turkish Airlines to handle humanitarian cargo in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

“As a socially responsible business, it is our moral obligation to provide support to those affected by natural disasters,” says Nadia Kaddouri, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer of Swissport International AG.

“At Swissport, we can use our expertise, resources and networks to respond quickly and provide humanitarian aid in emergency situations.

“Any contribution is extremely valuable in times of crisis, and we don’t hesitate to help.”

An example of Swissport’s commitment is the recent transport of humanitarian aid from Nairobi to Gaziantep in Turkiye.

Working together with the Turkish Embassy in the Kenyan capital, the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM), and airline customer Turkish Airlines, Swissport handled vital supplies such as tents, sleeping mats, and bed sheets and loaded them on three flights routed from Kenya to Turkiye.

The shipments were then distributed to the displaced victims by the local Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).

In a first sign of solidarity, Swissport had donated EUR 50,000 to UNICEF last month to support relief efforts.