Swiss WorldCargo now offers customers high-quality carbon removal in collaboration with Climeworks

image credit: Swiss WorldCargo

Swiss WorldCargo is the first air cargo carrier with an offer incorporating pioneering, technological solutions to decarbonize aviation.

The airfreight division of SWISS launches the premium option ‘Aviation Tech Pioneer’ that combines 20% CO2 removal through the innovative technology of direct air capture (DAC) and 80% reduction through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

This new option, added to the existing ones present in the cargo carrier’s portfolio under the Green Choice add-on service, is established in collaboration with the Swiss-based company Climeworks and is aimed to support scaling direct air capture technologies.

Sustainability is a core aspect of both SWISS and Swiss WorldCargo’s strategies, and partnerships in this area play an essential role in getting the company closer to its target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

Swiss WorldCargo’s initiative builds on the carbon removal agreement to remove residual CO2 emissions signed by SWISS and Lufthansa Group, that was announced in March 2024.

Swiss WorldCargo now launches a pilot to integrate carbon removal in its customer offerings, with Climeworks, a Swiss-based leading company that offers high-quality carbon removal services to businesses and individuals.

Climeworks provides a permanent solution to a persistent problem, by employing its pioneering direct air capture (DAC) technology to capture CO2 from the air, which can then be stored permanently underground.

With its direct air capture technology, Climeworks is a global leader within the carbon removal field. DAC is a vitally important method of removing CO2 directly from the atmosphere and storing it permanently underground.

The airline sector will need to take advantage of both DAC and further negative-emission technologies if it is to achieve its ambitious carbon emission mitigation goals.

Climeworks already operates the world’s two biggest DAC and storage facilities, which are located in Iceland, and has extensive growth plans.

More information on Climeworks’ DAC technology is available in the graphic below. DAC technologies also offer a scalable means of procuring atmospheric CO2 for use as a raw material in manufacturing the next generation of synthetic fuels, which are also known as Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

The use of such synthetic fuels is vital to the decarbonization of the airline sector as well.

As of today, Swiss WorldCargo’s customers have the possibility to choose the new premium offering, called the ‘Aviation Tech Pioneer’ package, to support driving sustainability initiatives forward through carbon removal with direct air capture (DAC), in combination with an investment in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

In fact, thanks to this new offering, Swiss WorldCargo’s customers now have at disposal an option to not only help the scale-up of critical tech to reach net-zero in aviation, but also act on reaching their scope 3 emission reduction targets to support removing unavoidable emissions from the atmosphere.

Lorenzo Stoll, Head of Cargo at Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. says: “We’re excited to realize this first-of-a-kind pilot with Swiss WorldCargo. It serves as an inspiring example for how the aviation industry can accelerate the much-needed scale up of carbon removal within their own industry and beyond” states Laurent Müller, Director of Strategic Partnerships Management of Climeworks.

“At Swiss WorldCargo we’re very glad to be bringing our division one step closer to its environmental goals by establishing this important collaboration.

“Thanks to Climeworks’ innovative technology, we’re able to offer our customers a premium solution to mitigate the impact of their operations on the environment”