Swedavia is developing Cargo City at Arlanda – a new center for air cargo and logistics

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is currently in a development phase. Cargo City, a new centre for air cargo, logistics and manufacturing, is being developed in an area close to the terminals, with land for development there covering a total of 144,400 m2. Swedavia is looking for one or more partners for a long-term joint venture.

Construction is in full swing at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In the summer of 2023, a new security checkpoint will open in Terminal 5, and in the autumn the first step of new Marketplace will open – the largest commercial investment ever at Arlanda.

But construction is also under way elsewhere at Arlanda. In the southwest section of the airport, Cargo City is taking shape. Cargo City will be a new centre for air cargo, logistics and manufacturing. Situated one kilometre from Sweden’s largest airport and with good connectivity to road networks, it is an optimal location for companies that need efficient premises and facilities.

Swedavia’s Real Estate business segment is looking for one or more partners that want to work in partnership with Real Estate to develop land covering a total of about 144,400 m2 and with estimated building rights for a gross building area of about 58,000 m2. Swedavia sees great advantages in working together with one or more operators that have good skills and experience in property development with a focus on logistics and/or manufacturing. Real Estate is primarily looking for one or more partners for long-term work in one or more joint venture companies.

“The area around Arlanda has become one of the most important development areas for manufacturing and logistics in the Stockholm region. We think it is exciting that we can now offer this opportunity for collaboration and partnership on such a large area at Airport City Stockholm and look forward to many interesting business proposals,” says Stefan Stenberg, CEO of Swedavia Real Estate.

To obtain a prospectus and/or for questions concerning the development area, business structure or inquiry process otherwise, please contact Mia Lagerqvist at Svefa,

5 investment aspects:

Opportunity for a JV partnership

Opportunity for a joint venture partnership with Swedavia, which entails shared risk and shared responsibility for developing the area chosen.

Strategic and optimal location

The development area has a strategic and optimal location for both logistics and manufacturing in close proximity to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the logistics hub Stockholm Nord, near the E4 motorway.

Priority development area

The property is located in a priority development area that will be a new centre for air cargo, logistics and manufacturing.

Generous zoning plan

The development area is subject to a generous zoning plan that sets a generous building height and site coverage ratio.

Good transport options

Part of Airport City Stockholm and the regional metropolis of Märsta–Arlanda with good transport options.