Strong May for Brussels Airport as tonnage surges 15.9%

Brussels Airport’s cargo tonnage grew a significant 15.9 per cent in May and was boosted by growing trucked freight and belly traffic.

In May, the airport handled 65,250 tonnes, up on the 56,292 tonnes in the same month last year. Flown cargo reached 48,800 tonnes (up 11.3 per cent) and trucked cargo 16,450 tonnes (up 32.1 per cent)

Last month, flown cargo increased sharply (+11.3 per cent) compared to May of last year, but the increase is evident in all segments, including the freighter segment.

The airport said after a decline that began 12 months ago due to stricter noise standards in the Brussels Region, the freighter segment is recovering slightly (+1.4 per cent), with particularly good performance from most carriers and from the new route to Latin America.

Belly cargo grew strongly in May (+30.1 per cent), thanks to the new passenger routes that have been launched in recent months in the long-haul segment.

Unlike in recent months, growth is mainly driven by imports (+ 15 per cent). This is largely due to imports from Asia and Latin America (LATAM flights). Exports are also increasing, but more modestly so – by three per cent – also thanks to flights to Latin America.

Compared to May of last year, trucked cargo reached record figures (+32.1 per cent). Imports and exports have increased by 54 per cent and 11 per cent, respectively. The significant growth in imports comes mainly from Asia and North America. Exports to Africa are doing well after a loss of capacity in the past.

In the first five months of the year, tonnage is up 5.4 per cent at 303,801 tonnes, up on the 288,209 tonnes in the same period in 2017. Flown cargo totaled 228,173 tonnes (up one per cent) and trucked cargo 75,628 tonnes (up 21.5 per cent).