Yuval Baruch

Yuval has the joint responsibility of CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies and President of the Applications Division of Magic Software Enterprises.  Life before Hermes was as an experienced CEO & Active Chairman with a successful history in the information technology and services industry with a master’s degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Yuval’s tenure as CEO of Hermes started in 2012 and has seen the growth of HLT around the world, deployed as a world leading Cargo Management System & Hub Management System running some of the largest, most advanced GHA & Airline cargo stations in the world. HLT has offices in the UK, the Middle East & India.

Yuval’s passion outside work is being a triathlete and recently also completed an Ironman which has provided him with many similes to the world or Cargo Solutions implementations.  Being just as passionate about technology and innovation, Yuval’s current focus is around the Hermes NG Ecosystem being the most innovative Cargo Solutions suite of systems.

Magic Software is our parent company and a global provider of enterprise-grade application development and business process integration software solutions and a vendor of a broad range of software and IT services.