Steven Verhasselt

Steven Verhasselt joined Liege Airport as Cargo Development Manager Asia in 2006. Now he is the commercial director of Liege Airport, Belgium’s leading cargo airport. He is responsible for the global cargo development as core business, but is also in charge of passenger, real estate and Liege Airport Consulting.  Steven is based in Asia, works for a leading European Cargo Airport in a global role.

Mr. Verhasselt entered the aviation world in 2001 running a project to start up a cargo airline based in Brussels. The project led him to the Middle East and Asia. In 2003, Mr. Verhasselt established a consulting company in Hong Kong to work with airports, airlines and aviation related companies to develop business in Asia.

Steven Verhasselt graduated in Brussels, from Ehsal with a Master Degree in Business Administration. He started working for the Regional Development Agency, focused on assisting startup companies with business plans, seed and venture capital. One of the projects lead him into cargo aviation, and once you are in, …