Stephan Pieters

Stephan has been employed at Jan de Rijk Logistics for precisely 10 years. Following his studies at the Technical University of Delft and the completion of his graduation project at Schiphol Airport in the Cargo team, led by Enno Osinga at the time, Stephan embarked on his professional journey at Jan de Rijk Logistics as a young professional/trainee. He commenced his tenure in Customer Service and steadily progressed through the ranks to become an account manager and later a branch office manager. After a span of two years, Stephan transitioned into the role of Process Improvement Manager within JDR International Transport, where his focus encompassed digital customer service, account management, and the development of the customer portal. He also spearheaded various trucking-related projects at European airports. Subsequently, Stephan assumed a position within the management team of International Transport, directing his efforts towards the Western European branch offices of JDR for approximately 1.5 years. Over the subsequent two years, he took on the responsibility of overseeing the last mile pharma distribution company, Omega Logistics. In the most recent two-year period, Stephan has held accountability for sales and marketing across all business units of Jan de Rijk.