Patrique Zaman

Patrique founded the innovative drones-for-good manufacturer which is based in Amsterdam in 2015. It is supported by the European Space Agency and the Technical University of Delft.
Avy developed an innovative electric wing-drone. Both a helicopter and an aircraft, the autonomous wing-drone combines the best of both worlds: flying over 100 kilometres and the capability to land and take-off vertical from anywhere.
This long-range UAV has a modular payload bay, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This payload bay can be equipped with the MedBox – a cooled cargo box that can transport 1.5 kgs of payload while complying to cold chain requirements.
Avy is born in the Netherlands and raised in Africa. By flying extensively in several national parks in Africa, it has gained experience of operating in challenging circumstances in remote areas. Currently, Avy has around 20 employees and is backed by investors in the field of social entrepreneurship.