Mark Hague

Mark holds the position of Branch Manager at Geodis FF Manchester. His role as Branch manager is to oversee the operation and ensure that we, as a globally recognised company, keep within the regulations for all areas. More specifically, maintaining GDP practices which are governed by our WDA license.

Geodis FF Manchester handles all kinds of cargo but specialises in the exportation of pharmaceuticals. Geodis handle pharmaceuticals for one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies. The handling processes and practices provide temperature management solutions, supply chain security and optimisation, process control distribution, quality risk management. Geodis proudly hold an MHRA WDA licence.  They have recently added their LHR branch to that licence following an MHRA audit.

Prior to his work at Geodis, Mark worked with Cathay Pacific Cargo for 9 years.  He was employed as a Cargo services supervisor overseeing the planning, building and loading of up to 15 weekly 747 freighters. During his time at Cathay he gained a vast amount of knowledge of the airfreight sector, travelled to various destinations around the world and gained experience in the handling of a different variety of goods and an understanding of the various rules and regulations.