Manu Jacobs

Manu Jacobs currently serves as Managing Director Specialty Products at United Cargo.

He joined United Cargo in July 2016, and is based out of Belgium.

Manu oversees United Cargo’s suite of Specialty Products; Express, TempControl (Life Science & Pharma related), QuickPak, PetSafe (live animals), TrustUA (human remains) & UASecure (valuables). He is also one of the founding members of United’s Covid 19 Vaccine Readiness Task Force.

Manu came to United with 15 years’ experience at Air France/KLM Cargo as Director of Global business Development for the Pharmaceutical Division.

He holds a degree in Communications Management. Manu lives in Antwerp with his wife and two kids. In his free time he enjoys to ride the mountainbike (at a very moderate level)

His native language is Flemish/Dutch and very fluent in English, French and a good understanding of German

Working from the home office since March 2020; Manu misses the travel and the face-to-face interaction with the team and customers.