Katharina Tyrakowski

With 20 years of experience and expertise in freight forwarding and supply chain logistics within the Pharma industry, Katharina is proud of her significant contributions to the growth and development of the logistics field. Throughout her career, she has witnessed and adapted to the changes that have occurred in the industry, including the introduction of various modes of transportation that have reduced the carbon footprint and promoted sustainability.

As a logistics professional, Katharina is always on the lookout for opportunities to innovate and integrate new technologies that improve overall efficiency and reduce costs. By accessing clearer data visibility, logistics companies can make more informed decisions and streamline operations to ensure a smooth and efficient end-to-end supply chain.

Furthermore, Katharina’s passion for kickboxing allows her to maintain focus and sharpness, even in the most intense and high-pressure situations. This focus enables her to manage logistics challenges with poise and efficiency, achieving the best results for her clients.

In conclusion, Katharina’s 20 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management, combined with her passion for innovation and sustainability, ensure her ability to provide comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations. She takes pride in her contributions to a logistics industry that focuses on reducing costs, improving efficiency, and promoting sustainability.