Ferry van der Ent

Ferry returned to Schiphol in November 2017 after spending almost four years on secondment to Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN) as Director of Special Programmes.

Whilst with ACN, he focused on projects to optimise and innovate the supply chain, PPP-balance, and cargo security.

At Schiphol, Ferry is responsible for Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas regions. He focuses on the pharmaceuticals arm of the airport’s perishables business.

As such, he is one of the founding fathers of the Dutch Covid19 Vaccines Readiness Task Force .

Furthermore, Ferry provides a leading role for the Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA) initiative, the group of 21 members that collaborates to uphold and showcase standards of pharma shipping at Schiphol.

Ferry manages various cooperation projects focusing on trade lanes, sustainability, and innovation, as well as contributing to long term cargo planning at Schiphol.