Fabrice Panza

Fabrice, a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience in sales and business development, has had quite a diverse and interesting career path. Before venturing into the aviation industry, he served as an Instructor Officer-Lieutenant- in the French Army, showcasing his disciplined and leadership background.

His aviation journey began in 1998 when he joined Air France as a Station Commercial Representative. Over the next few years, he made significant contributions to the company, particularly in the area of sales analysis and strategy development. As the Head of Studies and Statistics at the regional headquarters, Fabrice developed analytical tools that played a vital role in shaping sales decisions.

In 2008, he transitioned to Air France KLM Cargo, where he initially took charge of Sales for Eastern France. Later, he joined the France Sales Management team, further advancing his expertise in sales. In 2013, Fabrice’s career took an exciting turn as he became the Sales Manager & Developer for the France, DOM-TOM, Africa region of the Air France KLM Pharmaceutical Group. In this role, he established a vertical organization and fostered collaborations with local Pharma Associations, demonstrating his ability to create effective networks.

Continuing his growth within the pharmaceutical logistics field, Fabrice became the Head of Product & Development for Pharmaceutical Logistics in January 2017. He led a global team responsible for supporting sales and operations in delivering high-end, time-sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. In 2019, he assumed global responsibility for Quality under GDP/QA Pharma, implementing performance enhancement programs and investment strategies for cool chain products.

Since May 2020, Fabrice has been a part of Etihad Cargo, where he has taken on leadership roles in the Pharma and Fresh high-value goods segments and several innovative projects in addition to promoting Abu Dhabi as a Life Sciences and Food HUB. His expertise and passion for the industry have undoubtedly been invaluable to the organization.

Beyond his professional achievements, Fabrice also holds a License level in History and has received distinction awards in various areas, including sports, the military, foreign languages, and IATA Quality and Risk Management for Temperature Controlled Cargo. These diverse interests and accomplishments reflect his well-rounded character.

Currently based in Abu Dhabi, Fabrice is driven by a genuine enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and energy to achieve tangible business targets. With his extensive experience and passion for the aviation industry, he continues to make a significant impact in his field.