Edwin Kalischnig

Edwin is passionate about using innovation to deliver business value and in his two roles as CEO OF Extreme Technologies and Board Members of the Cool Chain Association, he combines Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with components like RFID, sensors, cloud, ‘big data’, blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, AR (augmented reality) and other emerging technologies, to help improve customers’ key business processes.

One of his key focus areas for advanced IoT solutions is cool chain kogistics, where ‘identification’, ‘location’ and ‘condition’ are of paramount importance for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, food and flowers.
After seven years serving as Secretary General, Edwin remains a Board Member of the Cool Chain Association. He provides subject matter expertise on cool chain quality management to brand owners, global logistics service providers and retailers in support of traceability and e-pedigree, temperature control, quality improvement, anti-counterfeiting and first-expired-first-out logistics concepts.