Christian Leffler

Since 2021 Christian Leffler has been acting as Project Manager of BeCon Projects (BC), a market leader in consultancy for the Air Cargo industry. He is currently managing several worldwide projects, for instance for the WFS JFK greenfield in New York and WFS greenfield in Madrid. Christian has an engineering background with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Applied Computer Science at the University in Karlsruhe (Germany) and worked as technical designer for several years for a Robotics systems company, Rbc Robotics, before joining BC. Christian’s project management skills include project planning, site management, layout and machine design. He holds industry expertise in Airport Cargo Ground Operations, in terms of landside truck management, build and break down processes as well as ULD management. His AutoCAD and Python know-how further add to his professional background in terms of IT skills and data analysis.