Andy Clemson

Andy Clemson has an extensive management background with over thirty years’ experience, encompassing retail Pharmacy management, Senior Pharmaceutical management and nineteen years as a director of Clemorton Training & Consulting.

Andy specialises in organisational development and the implementation of strategic company objectives by focussing on the need for collaborative behavioural change at all levels of the business. Interventions are aimed at creating engaged and motivated people who better understand what is expected of them in their role, why they may need to change, and critically how to do it.

Andy has a reputation for developing solutions based on true customer needs and translating outputs to management teams across an organisation, where the correct implementation of Management &Leadership balance is trained to, deliver results through people.

Our credibility and success is extensively based around the interactive nature and challenging style of our training approach to ensure skills knowledge and adapted behaviours are implemented into workplace actions with managers that have increased competence, confidence and clarity.

Andy has been part of an integral team that has worked globally, with over 500 organisations in more than 30 countries in the last 19 years and have collectively helped to develop well over 100,000 leaders during that time.

Andy has consulted and trained Internationally for many organisations, most recently for the likes of; Sanofi, The NHS, Swissport, DHL,Unilode, LSG Skychefs, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Lufthansa,  ICE (International Currency Exchange, British Gas, and  University College London (UCL) .