Alex Lennane

Alex launched a blog for the air cargo industry in March 2011. It was very well-received, and a year later it became The Loadstar that you see now, attracting thousands of freight professionals every day.

The Loadstar’s focus is on independent, high-quality journalism for the benefit of our readers’ knowledge and understanding. We strive for authenticity and significance by a daily attempt to be first to the story, making the market think, and challenging the global freight industry to do better.

Current accolades for The Loadstar’s writing include the Seahorse Awards’ “Journalist of the Year”, “Air Cargo Journalist of the Year”, “Feature Journalist of the Year” and “International Editor of the Year” awards.

Alex is an experienced writer on aviation and logistics. After leaving The Guardian newspaper in 2002 she freelanced for many of the key logistics titles. She was editor of the quarterly magazine, Airline Cargo Management for eight years, and Europe editor for the Seattle-based subscription news service, Cargo Facts, for four years.

Alex is the current Seahorse Awards’ Air Cargo Journalist of the Year.