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Sine Draco Aviation Technology expands AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001 Certifications

Sine Draco Aviation Technology today announced the expansion of its AS9100 Rev. D quality management standard certifications to Sine Draco Aviation Development (Nanchang, China) and Sine Draco Aviation Services (Shanghai, China) facilities.

Sine Draco’s AS9100 certification, which also includes certification to the ISO9001:2015 standard, supports its plans for development, management and execution of large-scale aviation projects, including aircraft design, modification and certification for passenger to freighter conversion and aircraft storage.

Sine Draco continues development of the A321-200 passenger-to-freighter conversion with FAA approval anticipated in the 2nd half of 2023.

“Our dual certification strengthens Sine Draco’s competitive position and standardizes quality, reliability and safety processes throughout our subsidiaries in China and North America,” says Amy Zhang, Chairwoman of Sine Draco Aviation Development.

These certifications highlight the company’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the increasingly stringent industry requirements for aerospace related products. It also assures Sine Draco’s manufacturing processes consistently meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers across its subsidiaries.

These standards are strongly supported and adhered to by major aerospace OEMs and by its vendors within the supply chain.

Alex Deriugin, Chief Executive Officer of Sine Draco Aviation Technology adds, “To qualify for both standards, an organization must demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the highest regulatory requirements and satisfy customer needs.

“These approvals were received after a rigorous review of Sine Draco’s processes and quality management systems.”