Silk Way West Airlines joins the UN Global Compact Initiative

Silk Way West Airlines joins the United Nations Global Compact initiative

Silk Way West Airlines has announced its induction into the United Nations Global Compact initiative.

This membership opens up a realm of strategic opportunities for Silk Way West Airlines, fostering potential collaborations with a diverse array of industry and sector representatives.

Such partnerships are aimed at driving collective action towards common sustainability objectives.

Through the Global Compact, the airline will gain access to a suite of corporate sustainability tools and resources, and is now poised to refine its approach to environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

Wolfgang Meier, President of Silk Way West Airlines: “Adherence to the principles of the UN Global Compact offers a standardized framework for our corporate responsibility.

“It paves the way for the airline to systematically approach, implement, and communicate its sustainability strategy, ensuring alignment with universal benchmarks and best practices”.