MAB Kargo flies 1,500 sheep from Indonesia to Malaysia

MAB Kargo yesterday completed a freighter charter flight carrying 1,500 sheep across the Java Sea from the Indonesia city of Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The 50 tonnes of livestock was first ever charter that MABkargo has operated out of Surabaya, with two more shipments scheduled for 8 and 13 of August. The charter was to meet needs of the Eid Aidil Adha demand, which is expected to fall on 22 August.

The 20 crates were moved into waiting trucks to the next destination by the ground crew as well as MAB Kargo’s Animal Hotel staff.

MASkargo’s sales and marketing general manager, Amiroel Shazrie Yussof said: “In the past, we have transported exotic animals such as dolphins, sea lions, tiger sharks, baby giraffes and rhinoceros to name a few.

“Equines, cattle and livestock are also frequent commodities on our charter service. I am pleased to share that our vast experience in pet and animal transportation has accorded MABkargo with a membership in the IATA Live Animal Board.”