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Scan Global Logistics opening its third office in two years

Since 2020, Scan Global Logistics has opened offices in 11 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, now in more than 45 countries.

The fast development is a testament to the global freight forwarder’s ambitious expansion strategy, which has accelerated from locations in 17 countries in 2016.

The ambition is to reach representation in 60 countries over the following years.

Allan Melgaard, Global CEO, expandsOrganic growth is central to our expansion strategy. As with France, it’s governed by our promise to uncomplicate our customers’ world where they need our comprehensive supply chain solutions.”

Successful French market
The first office in France opened in Lille in May 2021. Since then, SGL has seen significant demand for tailor-made logistics solutions. Based on the entrepreneurial and agile approach known to the company, they have successfully attracted industry experts amounting to a staggering 7 times more full-time employees occupying three offices in just two years. According to the fast-growing transport and logistics company, more offices will open in France following their expansion strategy.

Following several successful break bulk and heavy lift projects for global customers, the new office in Dunkirk plays a vital role in SGL France’s ambition to become the most significant player in the general cargo and Industrial Projects market in Northern France.

Dunkirk Port is one of France’s largest commercial ports along the English Channel, the world’s busiest international seaway. The port’s strategic location in proximity to Holland and the Belgian ports Zeebrugge and Antwerp will simultaneously give customers access to the regional, French and Northern European markets.

Positive customer feedback
Johann Taccoen, who will become Industrial Project Director in collaboration with Olivier Sainterent MD France, explains
: “We have handpicked industry professionals with over 15 years of breakbulk and heavy lift experience to serve customers with complex, oversized, heavy transport requirements across all major industries.

“In particular, we will support and help grow our customers’ businesses within Industrial Projects, Aid and Relief, and Defence.”

Existing French and global customers have responded positively to the opening, emphasising the advantage of SGL’s strengthened position in Northern France and the new team’s expertise and agility to ensure more major industrial project deliveries in the future.

There’s a limited number of industry players in France and Northern Europe. Through a strong collaboration with SGL’s extensive general cargo organisation, the new office seeks to position itself as the region’s centre of expertise, providing comprehensive services to its customers.

“Our customers have different logistics needs ranging from LCL to oversize shipments. With our new location, we can help uncomplicate our global customers’ supply chain with an increased global approach and service offering,” Johann Taccoen finishes.