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SASI World enters Latin American market with AirMann


SASI World Inc., the advisory for the global aviation industry specializing in air cargo logistics, announces agreement with Airmann Inc., based in Santiago De Chile, to launch its air cargo logistics advisory and learning & development programs throughout latin america.

In announcing this agreement, Stan Wraight, President & CEO of SASI World noted that “After recently opening our UAE office, further expanding the reach of SASI World into Latin America was a natural progression.

“Deciding to partner with AirMann was an obvious one due to the long-standing cooperation between the two companies.

“Discussions have been ongoing since the successful delivery of Safety and Security training to the Chilean DGCAA in 2022 and 2023 where AirMann was an obvious choice to support and participate in the SASI training efforts due to our long relationship with the management.”

Eric Hartmann, CEO of AirMann stated that “This initial cooperation and engagement was the springboard for a broader discussion and approach in offering new value-added capabilities in Latin America, and we now look forward to the joint venture with SASI World bringing specialised support for products and strategies in Latin America for both companies vast customer base”

The management and team of SASI World, comprised of industry leading experts, have recognised the need to extend its presence in Latin America with the local touch that AirMann can bring.

The mutual services offered will be designed to facilitate and assist our global airline and airport customer base by tying together the latest technological, environmental, regulatory, and operational elements throughout.

AirMann, based in Santiago de Chile, represents airlines in Latin America and creates logistics solutions tailored to the latest logistics challenges.