Robotics company to move into innovation hub at Munich Airport

In Exotec, LabCampus has gained another cutting-edge tenant for the innovation hub.

As a pioneer in scalable robotic systems, Exotec not only brings a great deal of software and technology expertise to the table but also a network-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.

This fits in perfectly with the vision of LabCampus as a hub that supports the concept of new work, exchange, and collaboration.

The rental space of around 2,600 m2 comprising showroom and office units is ideally suited for Exotec to present new products for the robotization of logistics.

The flexible rental options for additional space are an important advantage of the location in LAB 48 for dynamic growth companies.

The French company Exotec is recognized worldwide for its outstanding research, development, and production of scalable robotic systems for the logistics sector.

Exotec systems are currently in use in over 100 installations in Asia, Europe, and North America. Founded as a scaleup in Lille, France, in 2015, the company previously had its German headquarters in Landshut.

In the future, up to 200 employees are set to work on Exotec’s vision for the future at the new headquarters. The move is scheduled to take place in the winter of 2024.

Nathalie Leroy, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Infrastructure at Munich Airport says: “We can see from Exotec’s decision that Munich Airport is no longer just a popular take-off point for airlines and travelers.

“LabCampus offers ideal conditions for companies that are looking to achieve new goals.

“Great innovations are created where great ideas come together, this is what LabCampus stands for. We are delighted to welcome a global company in Exotec.”

Markus Schlotter, Exotec’s Managing Director for Central Europe says: “Innovative technology needs a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge, talent, and network partners.

“At LabCampus, we have found a location with the ideal conditions to get off to a flying start with innovative products from Exotec.

“Together, we not only want to work on our robotic systems here, but also to create creative and innovative synergies”.