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Pharma.Aero welcomes new heavyweights into organization

Recently Pharma.Aero welcomed new “heavy weights” in the world of airfreight life science
products. The organization is speeding up to the next level with Hong Kong International Airport, Air Bridge Cargo Airlines and Alha Group joining the membership.

Nathan De Valck, chairman of Pharma.Aero says: “the past year we expanded our global network, created awareness and facilitated the collaboration within the industry. The open internal dialogue, underlined by our pharma shipper members, allows us to further improve the handling of pharmaceutical shipments.”

The recent new members are all references in the supply chain of airfreight life science products and state the added value of Pharma.Aero.

“Being CEIV Pharma Partner Airport and part of Pharma.Aero are key milestones in collaborating with industrial partners sharing our experience and building pharma corridors connecting to the fellow Pharma.Aero members”, says Mr. Ian Kwok, Assistant General Manager, Aviation Logistics, Hong Kong International Airport.

The membership variety within this airfreight commodity enlarges and strengthens the role of the organization.

“To be included in the Pharma.Aero platform will navigate our efforts in the
pharmaceutical industry, being part of cutting edge technologies and supply chain innovations. It will enable us to develop pharma services in the interests of our customers and boost to our cargo volume in this sector”, Fedor Novikov, Global Director, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, continues.

Pharma.Aero is a unique platform for cross industry collaboration. The link between the CEIV certification programs, the expertise of the members and the support and vision of the pharmaceutical industry will improve standard practices.

The enhanced collaboration on a global scale is key. Nicola Caristo, Audit & Compliance Manager, Pharma Manager at Alha Group says: ” Pharma.Aero is a powerful tool for the
whole Air Cargo Industry by creating a unique environment where CEIV Certified Companies, Shippers and Airport Authorities share excellence, set the new standards and analyze data.”. Leandro Moreira, Director, Brink’s Life Sciences and Chairman, Health Technologies Distribution Alliance.Br adds: “Promoting collaboration between the various operators in the pharma supply chain, is a formidable step to improve quality, enhance operational excellence and help increase compliance to regulatory requirements.

Organizations such as Pharma.Aero, do a great job bringing stakeholders together to
support all that.”

Pharma.Aero is extremely pleased with the growing interest of different stakeholders
to embrace the common mindset and the need and role for our organization.