Cool Chain

Pharma.Aero launch new projects at Cool Chain conference

Pharma.Aero had its 3rd General Meeting on September 19th. The assembly was held in conjunction with the Cool Chain Association’s Pharma & BioSciences Conference in Budapest.

Nathan De Valck, chairman of Pharma.Aero says that after achieving its initial objective of expanding its membership base, Pharma.Aero now shifts its focus to topical projects amongst its members comprised of global air cargo stakeholders and pharmaceuticals shippers. Pharma.Aero currently consists of 20 members – of which 3 are top pharmaceutical shippers and 7 are key airports.

The main goal is to achieve a reliable end-to-end air transport for pharmaceutical cargo. Together, the members will develop global pharmaceutical trade lanes, implement best practices, and share market knowledge and expertise across 5 different projects. One of the projects is co-led by a Pharma shipper.