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Pharma.Aero expands global membership with six key additions

Pharma.Aero, the global collaborative platform for life science logistics, announces the addition of six new members, further strengthening its commitment to advancing excellence and fostering collaboration within the industry.

DB Schenker and JAS have signed up as full members, while MSC Air Cargo, OnAsset Intelligence, Medista, and xpd global have enlisted as associate partners. With a global network of over 70 pharma-certified logistics stakeholders and life science manufacturers, Pharma.Aero plays a pivotal role in promoting collaboration and providing invaluable industry insights, significantly contributing to progress in the field of life science logistics.

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero, welcomes the newest additions, stating, “It is with pleasure that we acknowledge multiple new members joining the Pharma.Aero ecosystem. This membership growth empowers us to advance significant projects and offer valuable insights, reinforcing our commitment to the industry.”

DB Schenker, one of the world’s leading logistics providers, aims to enhance its capabilities in handling temperature-sensitive and time-critical pharmaceutical products by joining Pharma.Aero. Dorothee Becher, Head of Airfreight Pharma & Healthcare Europe at DB Schenker, underscores the importance of the collaboration, noting, “We are delighted to be part of the Pharma.Aero network, which shares our vision of excellence and innovation in pharma logistics. This partnership will allow us to collaborate with other members to shape the future of the air cargo industry.”

With a history dating back to 1978, JAS is one of the world’s largest family-owned logistics companies, operating across over 100 countries. Laetitia Chery, EMEA Pharma & Healthcare Sales Director at JAS, expresses enthusiasm for joining Pharma.Aero. declaring, “We as JAS are thrilled to join an esteemed association focused on connecting ´those who care to those who cure´ which contributes to breaking down silos by building bridges between the professional and the academics. This decision underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving healthcare environment, enhancing collaboration, fueling innovation, sharing developments, and promoting the highest quality standards for human and animal care.”

MSC Air Cargo is a division of MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company, a global leader in transportation and logistics, with access to an integrated network of road, rail, air, and sea transport resources. MSC has 675 offices across 155 countries and employs almost 200,000 people worldwide.  “This partnership aligns with our commitment to cross-industry collaboration, allowing us to share our insights and collaborate with other industry experts driving innovation” affirmed Joern Roehl, Head of Products, Quality and Transformation at MSC Air Cargo. “We’re excited to partner with Pharma.Aero, advancing innovation in pharma logistics and enhancing the future of air cargo with our shared commitment to excellence and collaboration within the pharma industry” added Roehl.

OnAsset Intelligence is an integrated provider of autonomous sensor-based edge devices and tracking solutions for all transportation modes (air, ground, rail, ocean) across the globe. John Crosno, Chairman of OnAsset Intelligence, stated, “By being a part of Pharma.Aero, we aim to enhance the safety, security, and efficiency of all pharmaceutical transportation methods, ultimately ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical products as they move through the global supply chain.”

Medista is a GDP-licensed provider of logistic services, both for warehousing and (last-mile) transportation of temperature- and time-sensitive shipments within the BENELUX. Sarah Taybi, General Manager at Medista, stresses the strategic value of the collaboration, declaring, “As an established player within the pharmaceutical industry, we are looking forward to connecting with the other members of Pharma.Aero to further improve the pharmaceutical supply chain and establish Belgium as the primary logistics hub for our sector.”

xpd global is a logistics solutions provider with more than a decade of operating in over 80 offices across more than 30 countries. Anabell Cortes, Chief Officer of Logistics for Specialized Industries at xpd global, highlights the core motivation of the partnership with Pharma.Aero, affirming, “At xpd global, we deeply understand the dynamic landscape of the Pharma Industry, acknowledging the vital role of innovation in producing essential healthcare goods. As part of a network of industry experts, we are dedicated to adding value to every link in the supply chain.”