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Pharma.Aero announces five new associate partners

Pharma.Aero expands its global network of Life Science and MedTech stakeholders by onboarding Hazgo, Topa Thermal, Smart CAE, Nippon Express and Air Cargo Logistics as associate partners.

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero, welcomes the new additions to the cross-industry collaboration platform: “We are happy to announce that 5 new associate partners are joining Pharma.Aero.

“All of them are concentrating on specific and specialized services to the life science logistics industry.

“With our Pharma.Aero focus on sustainability and innovation, and a special interest in the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP), we see an immense opportunity to further stimulate collaboration between the different stakeholders and the life science industry by creating more projects and providing important insights to increase knowledge.”

Hazgo is a critical part of the Brussels Airport community and encompasses a wide array of healthcare logistics solutions and services for handling sensitive medical products.

Hazgo – Experts in dangerous goods and logistics

Tom Heymans, Managing Director of HAZGO, explains the company’s drive to join Pharma.Aero’s global communityStaying ahead of the curve is essential for any business. The collaborative model of Pharma.Aero allows us to bounce off today’s innovative ideas and tomorrow’s tailor-made solutions for life sciences logistics with key players in the field.”

Topa Thermal is a leading innovator and supplier of temperature-controlled packaging and technical services for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech and third-party logistics companies.

Home | Topa Thermal

Maarten Kleverlaan, Technical Solutions Manager of Topa Thermal: “We are delighted to become part of the Pharma.Aero global community, bringing all sectors of the Life Science and MedTech supply chain together.

“Through this new collaboration, our packaging specialists and engineers at our independent test facility, Topa Institute, look forward to working together, understanding how we can help with the issues and challenges faced.”

Hein Stevens, CEO of Topa Thermal: “As a result of the important association of Pharma.Aero companies and organisations, we can achieve real innovation, understanding and solving the real customer need, creating a more sustainable and resilient supply chain and ensuring reliable, global access to healthcare products.”

SmartCAE is a leading company in the field of the digital cold chain with customers in more than 20 countries. The technology SmartCAE provides helps reduce the temperature excursions, optimize total costs, and minimize the carbon footprint.

The Virtual Cold Chain – SmartCAE

Stefan Braun, Managing Director and Founder of SmartCAE: “It’s an honor for us to join Pharma.Aero, and help the partners in the community to make cold chain globally more efficient so that patients receive temperature-sensitive products in the right conditions.

“Pharma.Aero is a perfect platform to share knowledge with different stakeholders and make us as an industry more efficient and sustainable.

“The Pharma.Aero 2022 Pharma Logistics Masterclass (Abu Dhabi) was a great experience and a determining factor for us to join Pharma.Aero, as we actively contributed to the Masterclass and saw how exchanging knowledge works.”

Nippon Express is a Japan-based logistics company with a global reputation. It began working as a logistics provider in 1937, while its ground transportation business dates back to 1872.

Nippon Express -Global Logistics Company-

Michael Kamm, Managing Director of Nippon Express Belgium: “As a top 5 global logistics provider, we are proud to join Pharma.Aero.

“Not only to learn from the unique collaboration is, but also to see if we can contribute to the LifeScience Industry as a member.”

Air Logistics Group is the world’s leading cargo General Sales & Service Agent (GSSA) and provides a variety of innovative outsource solutions to airlines, enabling them to achieve a cost-effective presence in the airfreight market. Air Logistics Group has a comprehensive network of 88 offices in 48 countries.

Home – Air Logistics Group

Stephen Dawkins, Chief Executive Officer, Air Logistics Group: “Air Logistics Group is excited to be joining Pharma.Aero as an associate partner.

“We are focused on investing in a dedicated team of pharma champions headed by Francesco Di Martino, and this platform will allow us to collaborate with stakeholders from across the pharma supply chain to share ideas and find solutions to ensure the highest quality of service is provided to our airline and forwarding partners.

“Our mission to achieve the highest standards of quality and service in the cool chain by air sector very much compliments the work of Pharma.Aero’s global community as it strives to raise standards and address the challenges across the pharma transportation industry.”