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Pharma.Aero and Neutral Air Partner sign MoU

Pharma.Aero and Neutral Air Partner join their forces as global cross-industry collaborative platforms to enhance the reliability, security and speed of life science transport by air.

Under the MoU, the two organizations will conduct joint research and studies, create and collaborate on industry projects, share knowledge and best practices, review standards in the areas of life science products’ handling and transportation.

Trevor Caswell, Chairman of Pharma.Aero, underlines the importance of the new partnership: “As neutral platforms of knowledge sharing and cross-industry collaboration, Pharma.Aero and Neutral Air Partner have a similar vision: achieving excellence in the rapidly changing supply chain.

“We look forward to working together. By joining our forces, we will create more leverage and added value for our projects that focus on genuine challenges and innovative aspects of life science and Med Tech transportation.”

Christos Spyrou, founder and CEO of Neutral Air Partner: “Since NAP was launched, our main objective has been to inject a great degree of advanced air cargo expertise into the logistic industry and to set new standards of excellence for our members.

“Collaboration and partnerships are and should be part of our DNA. This partnership with Pharma.Aero allows all our members to acquire extensive knowledge and take up the challenges and opportunities within the pharma air cargo logistics sector.”